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Jim Tutton Jim Tutton, Jr.
Executive Director
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Welcome to the Washington Movers Conference,

the non-profit trade association for the professional moving industry. Located in Federal Way, Washington, the WMC mission is to represent the interests of its members and to assist the customers they serve.

The moving industry is unique because we are the professionals who are responsible for transporting and caring for the precious household goods of hundreds of families, including those who serve our nation's military. Trust, safe handling and timely service are hallmarks of our members.

Chief among the goals of the WMC is to insure strong support for effective government regulations and policies that protect consumers while allowing members to provide quality service at compensatory pricing, and ensuring that consumers understand the value of using a professional moving and storage company's services.

The WMC represents more than 80 members comprised of local and statewide moving companies. As a condition of WMC membership, each mover member must possess a valid Operating Authority issued by the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission and agree to abide by a Code of Ethics promising to provide Washington moving consumers honest, legal, and efficient service. We are happy to help you determine whether the Washington based mover you are about to select is legal to operate so you are selecting a mover that is a professional business and will provide you with the top quality service you expect.

As consumers have become increasingly more dependent on the internet for information, the number of "rogue operators posing as movers" has risen dramatically both here in Washington and across the country. Often these rogue companies lure unsuspecting moving customers by offering lowball estimates and false promises, then illegally hold a family's goods hostage at destination until they are paid inflated charges. "Rogue operators" do not pay state taxes and fees, do not have adequate insurance coverage for your goods in their possession and are difficult to find should you have a need to file a loss or damage claim after the move is complete and you have unpacked.

Within the "Members Only" Section, the conference provides a wealth of information to keep members well informed on the latest news and trends affecting their businesses. Newsletters and topical information pieces related to the moving industry are provided on a regular basis. To save members money, there is information on the money saving industry forms program and economical drug and alcohol testing procedures for members to be compliant with federal regulations before ever entering your home.

Promoting professionalism in the moving industry since 1913.